venerdì 22 gennaio 2010

just on ordinary day

I wake up at 7:30. I have breakfast, I go to the bathroom and i wash. I dress and I prepare my bag of school. I go to school at 8:15 am. I leave school at 13:00 , I go home and lunch do the tasks and in the afternoon I go eleven at night I go to sleep.

domenica 13 dicembre 2009

my hobbies

How are you? I hope everything is O.K. there.
I tell you about the everythings, I like doing in my spare time and during the weekends.
-In my spare time I like playing videogame.
-My favoutìrite sport is softair.
-I often go out with my friends.
-In my spare time I also play basket.
-My favourite sportman is Valentino Rossi.
-I like listening to pop music.
-My favourite singer is Jax.
-In my classreggae is the favourite music .
-I spend much time watching televition about one hour a day.
-My favourite program is "Mistero".
-I like going to the cinema.
-My favourite actor is Vin Diesel.
-I like reading.
- My favourite book is "Vampire".
-I use the computer.
-I like videogames.
-My hobbies is fishing.

martedì 17 novembre 2009

In this letterI will introduce myself to you. I am 15 year old boy.
My surname is Viceconte and my first name is Alessandro.
I have two sisters, I live in Bernalda with my parents.
I like playing video games and chatting with my friends.
I am in the second year of istitute surveyor.
I was born in Italy.
My eyes are brown and my hair is brown and short, I am medium- size.

Bye Alex

mercoledì 4 novembre 2009

The Alphabet

A-Apple--I like apples
B-Bycicle--I usually ride bycicle
C-Children--I love children
D-Dogs--my dog's name's Black
E-English--I like English language
F-Friendship--love and friendship are beautiful feling
G-Greyhound-- my dog is greyhound
H-Hotel--the hotel cube is fantastique
I-Issue--I have an issue
L-Lion--the lion is my favourithe animal
M-Made--the my bag made in Italy
N-Nice--my nephew is nice
O-Overweight-- my friend is overweingt
P-Pilot--my favourite pilot is Valentino Rossi
Q-Quiet--I love quiet
R-Ruler-- my ruler is long 50 cm
S-Schoolfriend-- my schoolfriend is Pierluigi
T-Touros--the tauros is dangerous
U-Underneath--underneath the table there is a book
V-Volley--I like playing volleyball
Z-Zac--the name the my friend is Zac
K-Keiboard--I sound the keiboard
J-Joke--I'm a joker
W-Website--I have a website
X-Xmen--I like the film "x men"